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Good Governance

Good governance has become   one of the key objectives of international aid agencies and foreign policy of   certain countries. Despite significant external development interventions in   poor countries towards building “good governance”, there has been little   success. Why might this be?

The aim of this course is to   lean the art of good governance and the politics of good governance. The   first part of the course focuses on the general theoretical and practical   aspects of good governance and emphasising the roots to understand good   governance. Also, attention is paid to the existing indicators and   quantitative measurements of good governance. The second part of the course   is empirical as well as explains the types and characteristics of successful   governance.


The innovative aspect of   this course lies in the fact that it introduces students to the state-of-art   quantitative measures in good governance. Students will explore the   amenability of broad principles of good governance to direct observation and   quantification, and will learn how to understand statistical information.

As a result of the course   participants will be clear that good governance is an ideal and its possible   to achieve in its totality. However, very few countries and societies have   come close to achieving good governance in its totality. But, to ensure   sustainable human development, actions must be taken to work towards this   ideal with the aim of making it a reality.

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Note: Course Outline may change after assessment session on first lecture for participants’ satisfaction and correction, base on the needs of the trainees.


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