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About CCPD

CCPD courses are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop practical skills within one of the most exciting and developing industries. Each course has been designed and is lectured by professionals who are currently working in highly trained institutions. So you will see the benefit in investing in the future by passing on their knowledge.
We are recognized and one of the leading consultancy certificates and  training programs provider. Our curriculum and focus on practical skills is well-respected by potential employers and is considered a worthwhile investment to start or support a career.
Whether your team is on-site or remote, centralized or scattered, we can develop a training solution that works for you. We’ll use our expertise in continuing and distance learning to customize and deliver the right mix of classroom instruction and alternate learning delivery for your business. We also offer evening and w eekend training alternatives to help you maximize your employees’ time

Research & Development 

CCPD  has the ability and qualified researchers to conduct  research/ surveys required as per guidelines of your organization. CCPD experts are known for conducting quantity, quality or combined analysis methods.

Training and International Capacity Building Programs 
Speakers and course module  will be introduced to the students during the course or before the start of the of course.

CCPD is committed to delivering a course that is driven by an enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals; each lecturer will write and present their own material under the guidance of the Course Director.